Usually the wrong size of footwear and uncomfortable and hard soles are a reason for the occurrence of heel spurs. To ensure a natural treatment for heel spurs , choose new and comfortable footwear with a good sole as well as the right size for your foot. This will give the trigger to the treatment process of heel spurs. Rearfoot area is often misdiagnosed for this problem and the other way around, although these conditions are not the same. It is very important to understand heel area causes, which might not be the same as any other this problem causes that you have possibly experienced in your entire lifetime. You can read about it in the Post Video Tutorial #3 – The Human Spring Approach – Developed From Studying Yuri Verkhoshansky Plyometrics Training In Moscow 1987-89, click to view Why have we been brainwashed into thinking impacts are bad for us and why are we paying huge dollars for impact resistant soles for running shoes, orthotics, gel inserts etc? In fact, I run barefoot on hard surfaces to strengthen my human spring mechanism to be more capable of handling greater impact forces safely, resist aging and prepare my body for my later years.heel spur shoes The reason why so many plantar fasciitis sufferers feel a sharp tug pain on their heel bone on rising is because the plantar fasciitis, over stretched during exercise, relaxes back to its shortened state during inactivity and is forced to stretch once more when the foot is placed on the ground. For those who find these stretches difficult, the same effect is passively achieved by plantar fasciitis night splints which hold the foot in a flexed state overnight preventing it from tightening. Over time, the tendon is gently stretched and the night splint can be dispensed with. I found some shoe inserts at Wal Mart for foot spurs and Planter Fasciitis. They were less than $10 here. I also got some that are super sport arch support that have helped a lot too. They were less than $5. The stretches help a lot. I did an internet search and found a lot of great information on what causes Planter Fasciitis and ways to treat it. It takes time to heal and don't push through the pain to continue walking. I did that and my main accomplishment was more damage.heel spur stretches This helps in realigning the body and helps in bearing the pressure of different sports that include running, golf and tennis. The casual insole has a 3/4-length orthotic arch support suitable for heel pain, knee, back pain, aching feet and legs. The wide-fitting lace-up shoes have extra-deep heel cup for ankle stability, metatarsal support for preventing ball of foot pain and anti-bacterial fabric to keep the feet dry and cool. The orthotics relieve heel and arch pain hence prevent the foot from strain and injury. Ice Packs- applying ice packs can reduce some symptoms and control the pain. Use of ice packs can be beneficial when you experience severe pain.